On Tuesday 30 November, the international consortium Carbon Farming presented their white paper to Frans Timmermans. Timmermans is Executive Vice-President of the European Commission and responsible for implementing the Green Deal. https://www.miljodirektoratet....

With the policy recommendations in the white paper, we ask him: to design his forthcoming policy in such a way that it motivates as many farmers as possible to get started with carbon farming, by focusing on stimulating regulations and fair remuneration. Mr. Timmermans received the white paper enthusiastically and indicated that he was pleased with our input on how carbon farming can be made attractive for farmers.

Carbon farmer Peter van Adrichem - “It is very nice that Timmermans listens to stories from carbon farmers from the field. Because I have been working on carbon farming for some time and it may seem simple, but I explained to him that the practice is unruly and that measures to bind carbon in the soil also lead to more costs and risks that do not actually yield direct benefits. He was very interested in that.”

Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Service is one of seven organizations collaborating internationally to turn carbon farming, into a revenue model. Farmers can provide society with a unique service by removing CO2 from the atmosphere through an adapted agricultural practice and store it as carbon in the soil for a long time, in order to slow down global warming.

The benefits of carbon farming

Carbon farming serves several purposes: in addition to removing CO2 from the air by fixing it in the soil, it also improves soil fertility, biodiversity, water conservation, resilience to climate extremes, and thus more sustainable food production. This requires extra efforts on the part of the farmer, which is why a fair reward should be paid in return.

«Interreg – North Sea Region – Carbon Farming» er et internasjonalt EU prosjekt, vi har derfor valgt å bruke den originale pressemelding på engelsk. Følg også sluttkonferansen 8 desember og webinarer den 9 desember, begge dager er gratis og på engelsk. Her er mer informasjon og påmelding https://hopin.com/events/final...

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